Why does my boyfriend do this?

I am in a long distance relationship with this guy. We have been together for 2 1/2 years. Every few months he does this thing where he makes up a story to get me upset. One time it was that he had to move away to another country and wouldn't be able to talk so we had to breakup. However, he always comes back a couple weeks later like nothing happens. He goes back to being super sweet calling me his love, his queen, his baby girl, etc. Well it happened again on Monday. He comes home from his class everyday at 12. So he texts me that he got home from his class like he always does. He tells me he was helping his friends with hw. Then all of a sudden he says "Actually I'm lying. I was hanging with a girl. We kissed and had sex" and I know he is lying about this just to get me upset. So then he starts getting so dramatic saying he has hurt me too much so he has to go. I started ignoring him cause I didn't wanna listen to this bs. So two of my friends texted him and he told them each a different story of what happened. He said he would block them if they said he was lying. One he said he never went to school. The other he said he didn't do anything, he just made up the story because he was tired of me and my drama. He tells her to tell me to text him on Tuesday. when I was calm. I wake up the next day to see he blocked me on snapchat. So I go to text him and he reads it but ignores me. I tried texting him using my friends phones but he just reads the text and doesn't respond back. He's been ignoring me since then and I don't know when he is going to reply. I tried explaining that I don't want us mad at eachother and I just wanna talk and be on good terms but still no response. He's probably gonna come back in a week or two like he usually does. Then he's going to go back to super sweet. He's supposed to be coming here in April to visit me. He said he was so excited and can't wait but then he goes and does this? Im thinking he might have an inferiority complex but I don't know.


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  • Has the thought of him being mentally ill ever crossed your mind in the last 2 1/2 years?


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