Why do guys do something nice then act like complete bellends?

So i don't understand why a guy will do something nice like:
text me first,
text me when they're busy to let me know i'm on their mind,
tell me i'm good looking and they can't believe i'm talking to them etc.

Then an hour later its:
blunt conversations,
reading and ignoring me,
ignoring me for days.

i don't understand? Why be nice for 1-2 messages then turn into a massive bellend and not reply for days/ hours/ blunt the convo? Is it me being over paranoid or is it actually a thing? Because i never know how to react when the guy then texts me back being nice again - is it a game? Am i meant to be a bitch back or ignore them?

I'd like to know guys: why do you do this? And how should i reply when they're acting like dicks then nice again.
girls: does this also happen to you? Maybe i'm the only one this happens too? And how you'd react? HELP!


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  • What's a bellend


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