Do I have to dump the perfect guy?


I've been seeing a guy nearly three months. Things are great - he texts every morning, callsme every night, arranges things, takes me out, always drops me home, says lovely things. I can trust him. He's asked me if I'm seeing anyone else / entertaining anyone else, he says he's not and would be gutted if I was. I said I'm not.

we have planned to do things in a couple months time (go to London etc) he's met my family & friends. Things are a little difficult as we like about an hour and half from each other and I don't drive. Still we've both said, if we want this, it's not an issue..

I know he recently came out of a rel before me, didn't end well (she wanted a baby etc he didn't) so he got out.. I think he may still be cautious. He hasn't called me / asked me if I'm his girlfriend. But calls me his lady -

am am I just over thinking, but shouldn't he address me as his gf? He lives with parents, but I've been over once, when they were away (I have met his dad) just worrying things should have picked up more.. Or should I stop worrying? Help. X

*live an hour away


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  • Stop worrying girl. Go with the flow. He sounds amazing. It sounds like its going great. Enjoy it. You're just over thinking.

    • Ah thank you I agree, feeling better about everything.

      Thank you so much x

    • Thanks for mho!

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  • You may be overthinking a little, but not a lot. Calling you his lady is kind of like girlfriend, but if you want to be called his girlfriend it may be time to talk to him an see what you both want out of the relationship to see if moving the relationship forward is a good idea.

  • Well me and my girlfriend have been together just over 3 months and I previously came out of a pretty bad marriage. We are moving in together this month, planning our wedding food, talking about baby names, future business ventures. We are very much in love and our relationship is solid.

    But everybody is different. If you are OK with how the relationship is then don't worry. If you are not happy then address it. Don't feel guilty about having ideals that you want from a relationship.

    • Ok that's great, in my opinion that sounds too fast for me. As in, 3 months I'm not wanting to plan babies etc. But I know what you mean.

      Had a little while to think things over and I'm feeling much better about things :)

      Good luck with your relationship too x

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  • If you are concerned about this then you should address this to him. Tell him you want to be more involved in his life (meeting family and friends) because you have involved him in yours as well.

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