Difference Between "Dating" and just "Hanging Out"?

The is quite a bit of ambiguity when it comes to this topic. So many people (typically the younger crowd) say that they are "hanging out" with this other person of the opposite sex. Guys ask girls if they want to hang out and in some cases, to the guy, it's a date and to the girl, it's just that, hanging out as friends.

The reason I'm asking is because I've been good friend with a girl for a couple of years but as of late, we've developed feelings for each other. We're not exclusively dating or in a relationship but have discussed it. We are long-distance so we see each other every other month or so and when we do, we "hang out" everyday.

However, there have been instances where it seemed like we're dating. Typically, we'd do things like going out to et, watching TV together, playing board games, etc. But there have been instances where it seemed like more such as checking out sunsets, holding hands, touching each other more affectionately, etc.

That would give off the impression that we were dating but I'm still not 100%. I'd ask her but I don't want to make her feel rushed into deciding things.

So to y'all, what is the difference between just hanging out as friends or actual dating, especially if it's with someone you've known?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Dating = set timing, dressing up really nice, usually at night, know that there is an attraction between you two and possible relationship. More structured.

    Hanging out= usually two friends or classmates, casual dress code, nothing very structured.


What Guys Said 2

  • Apparently these days you have to blatantly state that it's a date.
    I've hung out with my crush three times but I wouldn't say I was dating her at any point.

    Dating might also have some exclusivity, like you're only hanging out with each other (besides your friends).

    I used to think intimacy meant dating too, but apparently not.

  • Dating is more expensive. lmao