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I met this guy on a dating site and we were supposed to meet for the first time tonight. We agreed on dinner at 6:30. I live near the mall so around 5:30 he said he was going there first and then he'd come meet me. I was about to head over and then he said he needed more time he was finishing up in the store. So I waited 10 minutes and went to the restaurant and was waiting and then he texted me saying he was "freaking out" because his debit card wasn't working and he had just been paid. So then I asked him if he was ok and if he wanted to reschedule and he said he wanted to because he was on the phone with the bank. I was driving home when he called me and apologized and said he was wrong about getting paid so that's why his card wasn't going through. Wtf? He asked if we could try again for this weekend. I don't know what to do. Would you give him another chance?


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  • Some guys have the superman moment, once you're in the zone then it's hard to stop what you're doing. You lose trace of time and notice night falls and "look at the time I have to go".

    Relationships can't be based off of time to make it perfect, just let it be. Time makes a relationship more like homework than a relationship.


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  • Yes I totally would. Whether they have money in their pockets or not is a big deal to guys, and a big factor contributing to their confidence during a date. I totally understand him postponing the date, and really feel for the guy.

    Check out this question asked just a couple of days ago:

    So it happens. Why didn't you offer to pay since he was short on cash btw? In any case he called, apologised and resheduled; I don't see any reason to not go on the date with him. He did the best he could in a panicky situation.

    • I also don't think he is lying and giving not getting his pay check as an excuse, cos it's a very embarrassing excuse for a guy to give. It would be like saying he can't come to the date cos he got diarrhoea! He wouldn't have picked this of all excuses, if he just wanted to get out of the date last minute.

      Common excuses for this are: 1. I was called into the office last minute 2. I had a family thing and forgot and double booked...

      So no he definitely isn't lying! Look at it as a good trait, him admitting that truth to you shows character and courage.

    • Thanks for MHO.
      by the way, how did it all pan out?

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  • I think sure why not, it could've very well happened and also it could've been embarrassing if he had no money and wanted to pay for your date!

  • this weekend is very close. he probably had work or got super nervous

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