What's an interesting thing to bring to a coffee date?

A guy asked me out to a coffee date and we decided we'd both bring something of intetesting or intrigue to show to or do with each other. Coffee dates are infamously boring and sometimes awkward so we thought of we brought something we like or means something, the date would be more interesting. He told me he's bringing a card game he invented and wanted to test out. I was going to bring a deck of cards and play with him a really nostalgic Russian game (we both have Russian parents) and bond over our shared heritage. Now that's too similar. What should I bring? It does not have to reflect me necessarily, just something interesting

Of course I'm bringing my awesome, interesting self. I mean something physical, like an object. It's something we agreed on so I'm gonna bring something. I'm just looking for interesting ideas. Like a mini chess board and palm reading cards (I don't have either)


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  • I think interest and a great personality can make a coffee date quite intriguing. Bring those, I'm sure he will have cards for the game he invented..

    • You're definitely right! But I meant something physical, like an object

    • It has to be something other than cards that you two talked about before agreeing to the coffee date. Perhaps you could bring something to the second date, if this one works out well.

What Girls Said 1

  • Bring yourself.

    • Okay thanks. I understand this but I'm talking about an object. Any ideas?