Does he like me? Should I make the first move? Or does this mean anything at all?

Does he like me? When I first saw this guy, we held eye contact and he smiled at me. Then when I saw him again (a few months later) I caught him staring at me, and he looked away really fast and looked back again and away. I was so mesmerized by his face, all I could do was stare. I would've smiled but, I didn't. I saw him the next day and he walked by me like he didn't even notice me. Anyway, my friend saw him at the store and she asked him if he knew me (reason was because I always talked about him staring at me and none of my friends believed me because he's just so attractive) and said he did know me and he said that I was nice. But I've never told him my name and we've never spoken before. Does he seem interested?


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  • It is really difficult to say.
    Staring is not a solid indication of whether someone likes you or not.

    Here's why:
    -- They could be just zoning out and happen to be staring at you. They could be wondering why your hair is brown. They could be reading what your t-shirt says. They could be wondering why someone is staring at them. The point is-- there are SO many reasons why a dude could be staring. Yeah, it could be because he is crushing on you, but that is only one possible reason unfortunately.

    -- Crush bias. I'm not saying you've developed a crush on him, but you are definitely intrigued. You want him to like you. For things like this, when you want something, your mind often plays tricks to try and give you what you want. So if you want him to like you, your mind will skew certain events and twist them to make it seem like he likes you. I did it with my crushes before. Others do it with theirs. It is completely natural.

    -- The other factors don't mean anything much tbh. If someone came up to you in a store and asked about a person you kinda knew but not really, saying they're "nice" is a common answer. Could it mean something more? Sure, though it has a good chance of not really meaning anything. Not to mention people can be nice with no romantic feelings. I mean what else could he have said-- "Oh that's your good friend you are talking about? Ehh, she's alright I guess." It would be less rude for him to just say "she seems nice" xD

    TL;DR; I would say that there is nothing that says he doesn't like you necessarily, but there is little to no evidence to say he actually does like you/seems interested.


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