So I went on my first date and the girl who kissed me nibble/bite my lip?

I don't know if this was an accident or on porpoise. Have you had it happen to you or done it to your partner?


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  • Harsh biting hurts, but if she nibbled your lip, then she was probably acting playful and sexy... Nothing to worry about, and for a little tip, next time you kiss her, nibble HER lip (softly, of course)... It may turn her on ;)

    • It was definitely soft but it took by surprise so much, being of course my first kiss. Yeah I'll probably do it to her too next time.

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    • Yes, I am thirteen. Most say I'm very mature for my age, though. And don't feel embarrassed about it :P No offense taken.

    • By the way, if it makes you feel any better, I have never been kissed, myself.

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  • She did it on purpose cuz she's a freak and really attracted to u.. congrats bro bite/nibble on hers back.

    • Thanks, yeah next time ill make sure too. It really weird she like a fucking wiz when it comes to school, she about to receive the highest scholarship you can get, I was lucky to get even a honor roll above an 85% then to get blasted with physic's midterm grade was between a 40-50%. You can imagine I feel intellectual inferior... hell I don't even know the order of the abc (she knows this too). She even ask me on a date not me asking her. I'm an idiot.

    • Not true big dawg she obviously likes u an even making honor roll is great I made c's & d's my whole life lol and congrats to ya girl she's about to get that $$$ lol

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  • She's probably a cannibal
    JK she probably thought that was sexy. To some girls it is.
    I don't see how you could bite someone's lip by accident. Unless you bare your teeth when you kiss.