If you had a feeling a guy you likes has a lot of options?

And you like the guy or liek him a lot.


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  • A) She's not going to pursue you if her self esteem is low. Most women want to be the main one in the relationship that catches the eye of the opposite sex these days. If she is smart about her own insecurities maybe she predicts that she will be thinking you are cheating all the time, and the relationship will dissolve.

    B) If she thinks you are based on simply how you look, and how you interact with others (especially women) and finds out that you don't really have a lot of options then she's going to think you are a creep, a convict, or something doesn't add up, and she won't pursue you either.

    Weird right? That's life.


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  • What are you even saying?

    • Agreed what even is this guy saying. Must be new. Come back when your good OP.