HELP did I creep him out?

Ok so I'm a senior in HS & got accepted into college and was browsing an organization and came across this cute Guy's profile (that I do not know) and friend requested him. Decided to shoot him a message and here's our convo. Did I creep him out? I feel so embarrassed I don't know what to do please help :(

me: "hey ahh sorry this is random, but I came across your FB and just wanted to say you seem pretty cool :)"
him: "LOL thanks? Haha"
me: "Lol np. I got into U & all my cousins are in VSA so I was browsing VSA stuff haha"
him: "Definitely should join." "Best decision of my life haha." "Well I go to UC" "but VSA all around :)"
me: "I've sadly never really been surrounded by Viets unless it's fam or church so it seems like a nice change :D"
him: "yeah it definitely is" "it's like going on vacation with your family vs your friends" "haha"
me: "ohhhhh that sounds über fun!! I've heard great things about it, but one of my friends goes to UN VSA and he doesn't like it anymore bc he said they gossiped too much or something.."
Him: "lmao yeah" "UN's has gone a bit down hill" "it's all about the leadership" "but every VSA has its ups and downs"
Me: "ah I see. What about U's?¿"
him: "U's is always really strong" "definitely check them out" "hey I gotta bounce though need some sleep for work tomorrow" "it was nice talking to you"
me: "oh ok, ttyl then?"

HE THEN PROCEEDS to being on and off again on Facebook messenger for the next 30 minutes so he was still talking to others instead of sleeping right away... I hope I didn't creep him out :( What could he be thinking of me right now? And what should I do?

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What Guys Said 1

  • Well, you have to understand that he had a life before you talking to him.
    When he said he needed sleep, he could have meant it.
    Other friends may have already been texting him. He could have said he needed sleep now on purpose so he could finish the talk with his other friends without being interrupted or having to worry to cut off the convo later.

    Creeped out? Probably not.
    But you did stay logged in looking at his profile/convo for 30 mins... You tell me: should he be creeped out?


What Girls Said 1

  • He doesn't sound creeped out, he wouldn't have talked to you that long if he was creeped out. But you sound border line clinger status so I would work on that otherwise you'll just scare him away.

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