Dating while still living home with parents?

I'm just fresh out of college and due to the economy/stuff I have to live at home still with my parents. I don't mind this, but the idea of dating someone scares me (not because I think the guy would mind) but because we'd not be able to come to my house obviously... and the whole getting intimate or spending alone time together thing seems impossible if we both live at home? is there a way around this or do I have to stay single?


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  • There is obviously a way around this, depending on if you feel comfortable even hanging out at yours, in your own private area. Who knows usually and sometimes men have the better freedom in regards to having their partner over, and can get intimate in the household.. parents aren't home all the time. However I would most likely think you'd be going on dates more than you're having sex.

  • Its not impossible. Do you have a car or access to a car?

    • Yeah, we both do lol

    • Have fun in the cars until one of your living situations change. It can spice things up a bit, the risk of getting caught but at the same time its private. There aren't a whole lot of other options without say spending money on a hotel room.. etc., but this works for me and my guy.