Girls, Is Living With Your Mother a Turnoff?

In my country, the cost of living makes Americas look dirt cheap. In Perth, you don't even have to be unemployed to be homeless. I got a bit of spending money and even got qualified for 1 16-mont 4 grand loan to get my motorcycle for which I'm about to start lessons on, but I bet I wouldn't have gotten approved if I was paying the outragious rents of this country.

But sadly, a my older sister once said to me, "You'll be living with mummy forever, you little shit. And your adress may as well be '666 Stay Away From Me street.'" And she married an obsolute ugly sod, no doubt for his dough and house.

Opinions appreciated, thanks.

  • YES! We're THAT shallow.
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  • NO! He has more spending money, and is happier
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  • Not as long as I can have him to myself most of the time
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  • It really depends on your goals, like are you just living with your mum because you don't want to pay for your own rent and crap? OR are you a student and have other bills to pay for whilst you're saving up.


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  • I'm fine with it as long as he has a job and helps around the home.

  • Not at your age, most 21 year olds live with their parents

    • Oh thank you so much, seriously :) That's going to get me through the night tonight.
      How sweet of you. Perhaps I could repay you when/if my book/music makes it? You could be one of my living dollies?

    • You're welcome?

    • I mean't I'd love to meet you :) If you're not interested, then that's alright.