Why did my boyfriend break up out of the blue?

I'm just so confused. My boyfriend broke up with me over text last week because he said that we have 'nothing in common' (Okay, what?). Apparently because he eats meat and I'm a vegan, it won't work according to him, even though he never really brought this issue up before. But several days before we broke up, he told me that 'We are extremely close', 'I can't imagine being without you', 'I'm so lucky - you're so hot', etc. So I thought he felt really strongly for me and things were progressing. We were dating for 3 months. He even talked about moving in together not too long ago.

I should mention that he works a lot - overnight sometimes - and his program is very demanding. I feel like this may be a culpret in the break up because this was the issue last time we broke up - but he said he regretted it and wanted me back. I don't know if he is confused and still likes me but doesn't want to be in a relationship. Because I am sure as hell confused. How can someone say that they can't imagine being without you one day and then just break up with you so suddenly?

I feel like he may regret breaking up with me again but I can't keep playing his games and wait for him to pull himself together. Please, any opinions?


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  • Stress plays with one's brain and one gets depressed with being tired.
    All it takes is one more straw or struggle to break any deal that would make life easier.
    Could be considering no meat = energy to fight the day
    or being put down at work = pass it on to others (you) to rid of it
    or being offered a better potential girlfriend, free of veges/other complications
    or all of the above

    If he's a keeper, then hang around his work until you find somethings to do/say to mitigate his stresses w/o being told what to do.

  • well i wouldn't keep playing the games. a relationship isn't a pair of jeans to take off and put on when it suits you.

    but to find out for sure why you probably just need to ask him


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  • I think he just finally sucked it up and realized maybe he did lead you on a tad even though he really likes you, he wanted it to work it just wasn't on his end and that happens sometimes unfortunately. Perhaps he feels that he doesn't want to put the relationship as a priority and he needs to focus on other things.