What do you do when your mom disaporves and non virgain girlfriends?

My mom is very adamant about god she wishes I marry a virgain it's an on going argument but I told her I wouldn't marry a virgain cuz that really doesn't happen how days in America let's face it you would have to marry a 12 year old in order to marry a Virgin and my brother may be the equivalent in age of me dating a 7 year old and I'm 22 exept add 20 years to both of then and you'll get the age of my brother and his girl. So how would I please my mom by finding a virgain and please my self by making sure she ant a Christian. In other word are there any non Christian virgain or is me or my mom gonna be pist on my girl choice?


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  • Honestly if you're just going to find someone to please your mum you may want to reevaluate your wants. There are going to be some out there, but they may not be the easiest to find regarding virginity and religion. Your mum at the end of the day will most likely get over it, if you don't.

    • Probley not lol she yelled at me when I was 16 for dating a chick who had sex once and she said she's never allowed at this house again

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    • She listain is in on conversations

    • Well perhaps you shouldn't chat about private stuff where she can listen.

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  • Letting very traditional parents into your love/sex life generally doesn't work so well. I'd kind of ignore them. If you haven't already, move out and be free.

    • Sounds very harsh but whomever you marry, she can accept it and be a part of your family or be excluded, up to her. You're an adult now.

    • Still loving here going to school got 2 years but yea I feel it

    • My grandparents wanted me to have an arranged marriage. :-D

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