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In September I had a fling with a girl I was friends with for about a year. She had only been out of a relationship for a couple of months prior to this. I had a crush on her but I didn't think she was too interested in me. However she made a move on me and we slept together a couple of times and generally hung out a few times. After a few weeks she told my best friend she likes me and was about to go for it and tell me, unfortunately she rang me when I just went to sleep and said it doesn't matter when I asked what was up. I then found out what my friend told me and at this point she went cold on me. When I asked if things were going further she said she wants to be on her own for now. By this point I'd fallen for her but I decided it's best to just stay friends. I believe her ex boyfriend who's moved back for uni had got back in contact and she hadn't quite cut him off yet. He's in a relationship with another girl now.

Now since then she has told me that she likes me but is too emotionally unstable to commit to me. At the moment I don't want a relationship, I'm focusing completely on my career and have my window closed but I am out meeting other girls and out with other friends a lot. We both agreed that come the time if things are right we would try things again from scratch. However, I know she is out with lots of other guys every weekend (doesn't bother me we all have needs) but I want to know how to re interest her and show that I'm not a needy wimp iand show her that I am a laid back, confident and intellegent gu If the time comes when we both are ready?


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  • You should probably have a personal chat with her. You both need to understand your feeling for each other because at the moment it seems quite confusing. Concentrate on your career but also spare some time for her. To show her you are a laid back, confident and intelligent person, you should show her you are ready for a relationship. Show her how much you love her but also don't do it too much, you dont want her to think you are too dependent on her. Its your choice from here, good luck

    • Thanks, I hope this works :) I came off a bit too strong at first and chased her a bit. I don't anymore but we still do talk occasionally but kind of lightly and playfully now. Just trying not to show her my life depends on her

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