How to know when to give up or try harder? I'm waiting on a guy who may not be even thinking of me? How pathetic is that?

I'm 21, I know I'm young and shouldn't "wait" on anyone... But I don't know, I'm just so hung up on this ONE dude. He has been overly busy lately because it's his season for athletic events, and he's like a huge star... Sooooo he's been busy.. I'm not sure if he is thinking of me, if he wants me to wait, or what. Weve been keeping in semi contact... But I just feel so sad and anxious because each day passes and I keep hoping he'll hit me up, only to find he doesn't. He'll probably message me when I've finally moved on, mixing me up even more. I don't want to appear needy or like there's something there when there isn't and ruin things. So I wanna go with the flow. Should I just give up on him?

by the way, what we have is basically just talking every so often, hanging out twice, sex twice, and snapchat once a week or something.


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  • Wow i was literally in the same situation, I got hurt last time i put all my eggs in one basket because i waited around for this guy and he ended up being a dick. I feel ya its hard not to be hung up on someone who is good looking and has all the qualities you want. But best thing to do is have fun, talk to other guys make new connections, and if you move and he texts you then he waited to long. With my guy i just went with the flow and kinda let him do his own thing he finally came to terms with what he wanted. Just make yourself available but don't be constantly texting him or shoving the idea of dating down his throat aha

    • Thanks! I appreciate hearing a similar situation! I'll have to let him come to his decision and just try to do my thang in the meantime. It's just difficult :/

    • Welcome! Yeah its just you're always wondering so it sucks. But I mean don't stop talking to him just don't devote all your time to him! Good luck!

    • Definitely. Thank you! 😊