Are guys just as bad as girls when it comes to being gold diggers?

Girls seem to be more known for being gold diggers are guys just as bad?
I didn't always have a lot of money but a family member passed away and left me everything. They were rich which now means I'm rich. it's been months and I'm still waiting for it to sink in.
I like this guy for a while but he wasn't showing interest until recently. Given I haven't made it known I liked him at all before. He doesn't seem like the material type but I don't want to make a naive mistake. I am attractive. I was in a lot of pageants and modeled growing up. I take that as proof of some sort that I'm not ugly. Lol


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  • Yeah, you know, I think I should get to know you better. (lol I'm jk but yeah I would want the $)


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