Guys, I asked him out and he rejected me, can you help?

I asked out a coworker I like via a facebook message. He never responded, and when I saw him at work 3 days later I asked him about it. He made up the excuse that he doesn't check his messages or pay attention. I wanted to cry, because I know he read it and was online frequently. What sucks, is that one point this guy was flirting with me at work, to the point where I asked him not to hang out in my room so I don't get in trouble. It had been 3 months, and he never once asked me out or suggested we hang out, outside of work. I assumed he wasn't interested, so I invited him to a Halloween party to meet my single girlfriends and he flaked on me. My coworker thought he liked me at one point, and I bruised his ego, so I sent him the message asking him out to clarify that yes, I do like him. It has since been awkward at work between us. He knew I was hurt that he didn't even respond to the message, so he apologized at the end of the day. My question is, why wouldn't he just respond back to the message with an excuse? Why not respond at all, making it awkward at work. I thought that was rude. Also, how should I act around him now? I act friendly, and can't help but still like him although I'm dying inside.


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  • I had worse. This girl I asked out accepted the date and everything for the upcoming weekend. We talked plenty of times weeks before I asked her out too. Then the day before the date I text her to make sure she's still up for it and she cancels everything and doesn't tell me why and cuts communication... like wtf.

    • I guess woman can be brutal in that sense. I give you guys credit, you must get thick skin from it all. I think it's messed up she didn't let you know why.

    • It sucks because I work with this guy.