Is he still romantically interested in me?

Met this guy online. im 29 he's 32. We chatted for 4 months before we met. Had a couple of dates and went out of town one weekend. Days later i stayed overnight and spent the whole day next day and he kissed me at my door. No sex (maybe oral once) since im a virgin and he said when im ready. We didn't see each other for 6 weeks during the holidays, but we were chatting almost on a daily and a couple of calls. He wanted to catch up after i got back from holidays so we met up yesterday for lunch. he invited his female friend to lunch with us coz she was alone. it was ok, just couldn't engage with their convos. After that we 2 saw a movie, walked around the lake to exercise and he invited me for dinner. went to the shops then we cooked and dined together till we noticed its past midnight. And he was like.. its late we should get you home. I'm not sure if it was just me but I don't think he had attempted to touch or sort of flirt. I tried to at some stage tap his arm or back playfully touch his tummy. etc. We talked about usual stuff but i noticed many pauses and him not asking too many questions. is this because we've known each other for 6 mos? Here's the catch. 3 weeks ago, he went out of town to see friends. I happen to be in the same city visiting mine. While he was there we didn't meet. Then I noticed photos tagged on his fb and one was a girl kissing him on the cheek looking very enamored. Also she is overseas atm and tags him all her photos. But he hides them on his wall. I understand he can date as many as he likes but I felt threatened me as this guy ticked all my boxes and doubting a bit. The fact that he still wanted to see me made me confused if he is still interested in me or just keeping me around as a friend. I gather after yesterday he'd still want to see me. Should I tell him my feelings? Or should I just let things flow and wait. I am scared to flirt now and im not sure if it's time to "talk" since we really spent that much time together yet.


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  • Do you plan to lose your virginity to him?

    • I was hoping I'd lose my virginity to an actual boyfriend.. but I'm considering losing it to him if things went well.

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    • @Boomer123

      Thank you for the MHO!

      How are things going with this guy?

    • how are things with this guy? Well, i came out with my friend one time and invited him over. Apparently they started seeing and sleeping with each other behind my back. He then treated me differently after. I talked to him about my feelings but he said we didn't have chemistry to begin with and he is after nice girls for sex. Such an asshole. We rarely talk now, our friendship had been affected. He is still hanging out with my friend though but not me. I found someone new, at 30 i felt it's about time to have fun, so I gave up my virginity but I got knocked up accidentally too soon after over 2 months of dating. It's been 5 months now but things are uncertain. Life had never been so complicated but I'm keeping my little angel. Hope he sticks around but if not I think I will be okay. :)

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  • I think he moved on

    • Like moved on and not stringing me along? I'm afraid he has friendzoned me but who knows. that girl is like 8hrs drive away and he has told me once he doesn't like long distance relationship. He is looking for a new job now.. if he picks that city. then I think I should move on too.

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