Girls, Does it sound like she could like me?

Basicaly we have kinda know each other for a few years just been a while since we have seen each other now she works in the office at my job once a week. she is a very atractive sweet girl and i find my self having feelings for her. Now ever time she sees me she always kind of yell my name or when ever we talk my name is in every sentence some times i catch her bending over then looking back at me and smilling. Then the other day was not good for me and i put up a front and she saw right throuhg it even one of my clients who i see dayliy asked how she knew something was wrong she told him she some how she just knew. i now know she talkes about me to the other girls because right after one of them came out the office making sure i was ok. I did notice she says my name loud in front of everyone and just does it to me.


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  • i think she liks you