What are some good tips to get back into the dating scene after a long but ultimately unsuccessful marriage?

Recently divorced my crazy wife of 8 years (thank God). I'm completely over it and am now ready to move on. I'm a bit rusty on my game, what should I do to get that swagger back?


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  • Embrace fun and freedom -- don't even chase the opposite sex too directly. Go to the social events -- weddings, parties, anything, meet more people, fill up your calendar on weekends, and just start expanding your range of friends. Put yourself out there, befriend people (not just women, but also men). You'll have a blast doing it, and you can be introduced to a boatload of women.

    • If you meet a woman you like, ask her out sooner but maybe even just in a friendly kind of way. You can make small moves here and there, no huge risk, no epic amount of time spent becoming long-term friends first. There's lot of people to meet, and a world full of women.

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  • Be open to meet different types of girls! You never know she might surprise you. Because you divorce be honest about it in beginning. Some girls like guys with experience that show they can enter into serious relationship ^^ 🙃😌


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