My uncle is stalking me. He put a GPS tracker on my car. I need advice on what to do?

I'm dating this guy, and he's the most amazing guy! Treats me so good! He's so sweet! In public when we go out, he doesn't show his sweet side. His face is always serious, unless we're with friends. Then he jokes around with buddies. When we're alone, he shows his vulnerability to me. He loves to hold me. His past is pretty bad. He's been arrested multiple times for fighting & disorderly conduct. When he drinks he looses control. He fights anyone when he gets mad or doesn't like something. When we met, he told his friend he's done drinking, because he doesn't want to scare me away, and doesn't want to lose me. He stopped drinking all together. He smokes, but I'm not bothered by it. That's his choice if he wants to quit. Before I met him he was affiliated with a gang for 12 years. He had some pretty bad fights. He left the gang but he still goes to the gym and works out and boxes. Sometimes I go with him, which he loves but he gets pissed off when other guys stare. He has a really short temper with other people. When he gets pissed off he's a jerk. But not to me. He treats me so well. He's never laid a finger on me. His mom is amazing! I have a great relationship with her. She's like my real mother.
And my sister loves him. He's teaching my 15 year old sister how to drive. I don't have any parents. I'm 22. He's 30. I take care of my 16 year old sister. I introduced him to all my relatives and they loved him... except one of my uncles and his wife. My uncle said if he was in a gang then he wants nothing to do with him. My boyfriend has a huge scar on his face because someone slashed his face during one of their fights. The first day my uncle met my boyfriend, he said "I hope that's not something from birth, because you'll give that to your kids, and they will hate you" And my uncle is making fun of him for it to other family members. My uncle put a GPS tracker on my car without me knowing it until my boyfriend was working on my car and found it. We reported


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