Shiuld I send her a letter?

So i grew up next to a girl that I became really good friends with but then she moved. Our families stayed in touch but lately we don't really see each other a lot but I still have feelings for her. I really wanted to tell her how I feel but every single time I do see her I chicken out and am unable to tell her how I feel, do to the fear of rejection and making things awkward between us. That on top of the fact we currently both go to the same college but are about to go separate ways for our future careers and I'm scared I won't have another chance to tell her after we part. I really like her and I think she's perfect, in fact I ended to relationships because I kept on comparing the people I was dating to her. In conclusion would it be acceptable for me to write her a letter and mail it to her saying how I feel? We are both 22 if that effects the answer cat all.


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  • I agree that this is probably your last chance. I don't know that I would recommend sending a letter about this when you are at the same college. It feels too impersonal. Being completely open might overwhelm her. It certainly would take her by surprise. And it puts a lot of pressure on her.

    You might want to start by seeing her and telling her that you are concerned that you might not see her again after college. That lets her probe deeper is she wants to know how you feel but it also gives her an out if she isn't interested.

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