Mixed signals, and need advice?

Mixed signals, and need advice? There's this girl who keeps sending mixed signals we have the same the class together. A year prior we talked a lot and I knew she really liked me, but I treated her poorly. So I have a class with her a year later and she sits with me, but doesn't talk to me. I don't know if she is sitting with me because it's her spot or she's sitting there because I am sitting there. One day I texted her and she gave me one word answers. So I commented on how she was being very laconic (uses few words). She asked what was wrong with using one word responses? I said nothing and continued talking, but got fed up and said "well you obviously don't want to talk to me." She said "I'm busy. Ttyl." So the next day I saw her waiting outside our class with her friend. When she saw me she said something to her friend who immediately turned around to look at me, and then laughed. I walked past them and looked at them again and saw her friend looking at me who then turned to her and said something then laughed. She then sat with me in class and started joking with me, but I was pissed off at her so I just nodded, and said yes or no. After class I got the hell out of there and left. I then went to my next class which I have with her. After this class I realized I shouldn't be rude and held a door open for her and she laughed and thanked me. She then told me about how her grandma had recently became, sick and how she had a test the next day. I told her how I won't be able to take the next class with her, because I was offered a job in a lab, and it took great amounts of work. We said our goodbyes in the parking lot. The next week in class she wasn't talkative, and when I said goodbye she said "yeah". It should be noted this friend of hers saw me in the hallway and she just looked in the opposite direction as though she was uncomfortable with me. What should I do?


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  • If you like her i would try to play a more active role. Right now you are just waiting for her to do something. And seeing that you admit that you treated her poorly before i dont see her taking the initiative. And the way you responded to those texts wasn't really the smartest move. You are acting pretty hostile towards her. Just try to be nicer towards her. She is a human being aswell she is probably seeing the same mixed signals coming from you. One day you are nice and the next you are all hostile. Imagine being is her shoes would you know what to do? Try to give of the right signals by just being nice to her and not getting al pissed of as soon as she does something wrong in your eyes. She might see it as the most normal thing in the world.

    • but when I do attempt to be nicer she is often distant. I asked her how her weekend went and she would say "I did nothing." Then just continue texting on her phone, and not attempt to keep the conversation going.

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