Went on my first date last night?

I went on my first date last night. And the guy walked me to my car. And gave me a side hug and said he would love to take me out again! Should I text him and tell him I had a good time or wait for him to text me? How long should I wait to text him if I do?


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  • Just text him -- no need to play a waiting game. Don't know why people do this.

    You don't want to appear needy or desperate, but that's usually from like calling or texting all the time.

    Just get it out of your system and go for it. A guy isn't going around thinking, "This girl contacted me after just one day to arrange a second date, she must be a loser." Instead he's most likely going to be like, "Yay, she contacted me."

    • Yeah! I don't wanna play games either! I just want to know if he likes me! And he's willing contact me.

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  • Just go ahead and text him


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