Does my best friend love me back?

Ok so I've known this girl for 4years now, and during the last 5months we've become really close and we're like really best friends, and I'm pretty darn sure I fell insanely in live with her, but I have not a single clue about what she thinks about it. Like we sometimes go to the movies or for a walk during weekends just by the 2 of us, continuously hug and talk for endless hours every night after school. And most recently at a party it got me more disturbed than ever because we acted more than ever like a couple, holding hands through the movies, her always leaning on my chest, sleeping on my knees and me putting my hand through her hair and kissing her gently on the cheeks/forehead. But then there are sometimes I feel love between us but at other times nothing, like she doesn't even look happy to see me. Plus she's acting pretty much the same way (but a bit less intimate tho) with her other best friend (which is a close friend of mine as well). My main doubts come actually from the fact that I'm nowhere near as good looking as her and a lot of better looking guys are falling for her too. I talked about it only to her best friend (a close friend of mine too) and she told me that she and a lot of people see us ending up together, but that I should wait before coming up to her because she's just out of a horrible relationship 2months ago and doesn't know if she wants to go back into dating. Please what should I do? Should I risk it all and come up to her, putting our friendship at danger? Or should I just let the time decide our fate, although I can't wait too long, and I might end up never telling her? Please helppp 😭


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  • Maybe love is pushing it a little, but maybe she likes you the same

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