Joining clubs to get with girls?

So at my college there was a club fare where all the clubs set up tables and tried to get anyone and everyone to sign up. I walk past a Jewish club and my last girlfriend who is still a very close friend happens to be very jewish, like israli so I originally felt the desire to support them but then a light went off in my head.

I realized for the first time that most of the girls I have been with were jewish. Then a feminist tried to get me to join her club. I hate feminism, but the club filled with girls has no idea. And the theatre club? Sure I've always had an interest in acting but the thing energizing my involvement would be the thought of what a sexual sespool I've heard theatre cliques can be.

What do you guys think? Should I join a bunch of clubs so I can try to screw literally all the girls? I know it will work, I just think maybe it's too mean. Like hunting in one of those poaching tower things.

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  • I put "there's nothing all that bad with it" but on the basis of joining clubs primarily with the goal to meet women. It's hard to find girlfriends otherwise unless you network and join places that give you a chance to meet lots of women.

    Now, the goal to try to screw every woman you meet is kind of "asshole" territory, but that's kind of independent of the idea of joining organizations to meet women.

    • Well I was exaggerating but I'm not planning on any serious dating happening. But you're right, I'm gonna do it because it's hard to meet people

    • In that case, I'd say it's totally fine. It might help to have at least some secondary goals, like with the feminist class, to understand women's mindsets better (though that might wrap around again to helping you understand women for the primary purpose of bedding them).

    • No, I understand how girls think pretty well. I think some aspects of how they think, I know better than some girls do. They have very interesting minds but they are also predictable because the only real difference is that they use a different part of their head to process things than we do.

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  • That is how most people actually meet believe it or not, at some group or social activity. But make sure that you have at least some interest in the club you are joining, otherwise not only will you be miserable, but it will show and the women will think you are creepy and just there to meet women. I would suggest joining any or all of them that you have an interest in, except for the feminist club. Trust me women in that club are not the kind of women you want to date, or even be friends with.

  • You'll be disappointing them, and detrimental/disrespectful to their work
    if you join an active club solely for that purpose.

    There's nothing wrong with it however
    if it just so happens to end up that way.