I can't seem to get a date, and I have a hard time not taking it personal?

Im young and i definitly dont need a guy, but im a point in my life where i feel like i got almost everything that i want. I finally know what i want to study, i have a great relationship with my family, i got a job, i have friends and im in great shape.

So generally i dont feel like i got anything to complain about, but there comes a time where i feel like im just not datable. I can't seem to get a date on dating apps at all, i dont meet guys i get a long enough with to the point where we are even considered friends. I do got male friends, but there isn't a fiber in my body that is attracted to them. The few interesting guys i do meet i only meet once, and thats it.

Generally i like to think im a outgoing and fun person, i might not be the funniest or the smartes, but i am likable. But sometimes it hard not to think that im just very uninteresting..

The rational side of me knows that im not good at showing interest at all unless im drunk, something im rarely am. I extremly bad at it, even if hot guys are checking me out i just ignor them because a side of me feels like they are not going to like me anyway, so whats the point.

Its very self destrcutive to think like this, but old habits are hard to change. Any advice?


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  • You sound a bit insecure so maybe you should build up some confidence first.

    Don't search to hard for a boyfriend. People who do this come across as needy and that's not attractive. Just live your life and be open for new contacts and you will find a boyfriend :)

    • When to comes to guys and dating im very insecure.. and i'll try :)

    • Just remember that most men are too :D

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