How long after the first text should you text?

After the first date of the guy says he wants to take you out again? Should the girl text him or wait for him to text you?

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Is it bad if I text him?


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  • It depends on the scenario.

    Lets say we had that first date yesterday and I told you that. Were you positive about it when I said that? Did you text me a "hey Dylan! I had a great time tonight :) thank you" or something. All that matters I think.

    If you did not text me after the date or you seemed a little distant maybe (note I said maybe) I will doubt myself and be afraid to text you first to ask you out again, since I do not know how interested you are. We men are insecure.

    But, there is also other way of doing things that no matter if you texted him or not, if he likes you, is confident and does not really matter about rejection he will text you first at some point to ask you out, no matter if you text him first or not. For this guy is more of a "hey" she texted me! cool i like her" or "yeah, she has not texted me, but i miss her and like her, so I will text her anyways". In other words, with this guy you can wait for him to text you or you can text him if you want to talk to him. It will make no difference.

    So, if you do not know yet what type of guy he is and you like him I would:
    a) Wait for him to text me (as long as I did show him I was interested yesterday (or the day of your date), and I did send him a thank you text after the date
    or b) Text him to say thanks for the date (because I did not do it) so that he knows you are interested


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  • Call him!


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