Just from a looks standpoint, if you saw someone who has an attractive face, what could deter you from liking them? attractive to you, not ideals?

Other than personal things like shyness or social anxiety or lack of experience with dating.

What could deter you from being attracted to someone with an attractive face? Maybe accessories: earings, necklasses, clothes, ear guages

Maybe they are a stupid gun nut who owns guns and is proud of it or shows it off, or you can see they vote to the right wing politically.

What could deter you? List as many as you can


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What Girls Said 1

  • If they were someone who talked smack about "stupid gun nuts who own guns and vote right wing"
    -Proud gun toting conservative right here ; )

    But honestly... To answer your question, if they open their mouth and are rude or treat others poorly, those are definite things that would stop me from pursuing a pretty face. Not that I would chase someone for being "attractive" anyway. I don't find most people very attractive until I get to know them.


What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah I don't like too flashy clothes or something that are just for attention seeking and so forth