What would be the best first date in your opinion?

Like where would you go and what would you do?


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  • Amusement park and riding the scariest rides together if she's up to it. If not, maybe indoor climbing, ice skating, hiking, things of this sort.

    Mostly something that gets the heart pumping, has a good chance of causing some laughter, maybe even some fear here and there. It tends to be easy to start holding hands after those moments, and maybe work our way up to a more intimate connection, discussion.

    I tend to see sharing that kind of experience together as the ultimate ice-breaker, makes it easy to relax after and have a dinner together.

    Worst possible first date for me is going to the movies. Horrible idea with two people just staring at a screen for a couple of hours. Though if it's a movie, it helps if it's a comedy or horror, again kind of helping get some laughter, fear going.

    • Skydiving or bungee jumping might be good as well, maybe bungee jumping is better (never tried with a girl). Skydiving with an inexperienced person is usually a tandem jump, so to me it's not so good (can't share the experience together) unless the guy is the instructor, in which case I think it's absolutely perfect.

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  • Any place that we can interact.

    I dislike movies for a first date... because usually you're trying to get to know the person at that stage. (This only goes well for the 2 date and up).

    I like...(I am mentioning some of these based on your age because it's more practical).
    1. Ice skating rink (They have indoor ones too).
    2. Bowling alley
    3. Mall date
    4. Restaurant
    5. Arcade
    6. Theme park
    7. Beach date
    8. Playing pool


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  • So many. I love movies! So I am good! To me thats pefect lol!

  • Doesn't really matter what we're doing as long as it's with the right person.

    • This is correct. So what can I do with this girl:

      girlsaskguys. com/flirting/q1889572-if-you-meet-a-nice-girl-at-uni-but-she-has-a-boyfriend-then-she-is

  • Sky-diving.