Is it weird to tell a woman you are really attracted to her over text?

We met for a drink a month ago. She announced she had work out of state ahead of time and we agreed to possibly go out again if it worked out when she got back. We exchanged one ir two texts over the month and when she got back she asked me if I was free. We went out and I feel like we had a great time and there was chemistry. I walked her home and we both agreed we wanted to see each other again. I am so crazy attracted to this girl. Would it be weird to text her that?


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  • Not weird in this day and age, but I still say that sort of thing warrants at least a phone call.

    ... those things in your hands are PHONES, remember.

    • Neither one of us are phone talkers. We lead pretty busy lives so texts are more convenient to respond to. Perhaps I should just wait until in person. I'm worried that might put her on the spot though.

    • No offense, but people led busy lives before texting. They all somehow managed to find time to actually talk to each other.

      You could express your interest via text just fine, though. If you think she'd pick up on something subtle, you don't have to spell it out for her.