Why did he call?

Ok so I have this guy friend. he texted me last night about some things we were talking about a few days earlier, then after the text conversation ended, about 30mins after he called me and said he was in a bar with some others and if I wanted to come. Ok that sounds pretty normal, but it was already around midnight so it would've been unlikely that I would just say sure, then get up and go, plus the place was faraway.

And what I don't understand is why he didn't mention going out in his texts, or even just simply called earlier about it? when he called I could hear noise in the background so he was clearly already at the bar. I just don't understand why he called when he knew it was little chance of me joining? we know each other well and he knows I probably wouldn't have gone so why did he call? I don't get the intention behind it? I probably sound really weird and pedantic about a simple phone call but it's cos I know him and he's not the type to do spur of the moment things and just call and expect me to be there? its almost as if he were just calling for the sake of it/proving some point that I don't get?


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  • he probably just wanted to talk to you, and that was just an excuse he found to talk to you. you should pay more attention on him, maybe he's interested in you or something

  • He probably wasn't completely sober.

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