Guys, GUYS: which body and face would you have? Cast your vote?

Guys, GUYS: which body and face would you have? Cast your vote....?

Just at complete random, which girl's face do you prefer and which girl's body do you prefer? There's no saying who's belongs to who.

Each photo is a clear representation of how the girls look as well, and some of the photos you may not find attractive. But just choose overall what draws you most.

We have:
left girl
right girl
left body
right body

  • left girl left body
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  • Right girl right body
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  • Right girl left body
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  • Left girl right body
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Come on guys! Nowhere near enough votes to go by!
Come on guyyyyyys! Not enough votes here


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  • Who are these people? Are we helping to settle an argument?


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  • Wait who is who again? And last chick in black on right. that's one bangin bod OP so whoever have that

    • there's no saying who is who :) or if these bodies belong to either of these girls. What was your vote anyway?

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    • How bout you hmu in inbox and I'd tell u better cos that's third time I've seen that bangin bid and I'd like to see more. Js baha

    • Hahaha. Maybe... I don't know though 😳 Body might not be as wonderful in reality!