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Hello everyone. So there is this beautiful girl I am really interested in. She seems to have a great personality and is very kind. Besides that, she has gorgeous eyes and a smile that captivates me. We have class together and I sit right beside her. I've talked to her before but I am trying to figure out if she actually likes me and if so, how much? The thing is, I am a really reserved guy and am not really outgoing or like attention. It's not difficult for me to keep eye contact but when it comes to her I can't seem to lock on. I find myself immediately looking down with an embarrassed smile and dont know if thats a turnoff. Because of this and my lack of confidence I wonder if she is still interested, I have read her body language and it seems she still is interested but in what way? I am looking to make a solid relationship with somebody that I can share emotions with and my life. I want her to be my companion.
She made a move to make me jealous but I did not respond like she probably predicted, I played hard to get that day. Another thing I would like to mention is that I am a minority (not white) 19 years and am a REALLY mature guy but know how to have good fun (Im a christian first). She also seems the same but more lively then I am. I don't know how she will feel dating a different type of guy and what her parents would think. Besides, I come from a poor family but don't look like it. Ok, thats that. Now I am good looking when I make the effort and sometimes charming but I am not every girls dream guy. I have an awesome personality that you see once you know me, have lots of hobbies, and am adventurous. My lack of confidence is my drawback. I want to compliment her but dont want to seem like a creep, especially if she doesn't like me. I want to take it slow and establish a friendly relationship first but I need to know in what way does she like me, as a friend, am I her crush? Should I just man up? What do you guys and gals think. Please help.



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  • Hello, it's me! :D found your question at last...
    To start off... looking down with an embarrassed smile is definitely not a turn off, at least for me. As I've been in that girl's shoe as you know... I actually find that really cute. But it doesn't mean that it should become a habit. If she looks at you, try to look into her eyes for 3 seconds and smile and look away. This will make you seem approachable and friendly.
    Also.. u mentioned that she made a move to make you jealous and u didn't respond. That is probably something you shouldn't have done. We girls are wired that if a guy shows to sign of jealousy or react to something we intentionally do to get that guys attention... it means that they are not interested at all and we should move on. Playing the push and pull game should also be moderate. For us... since girls are usually the one who play the hard-to-get game, when guys does that once too many times... it comes off as not being interested as well.
    Also... compliment her! Don't be afraid. You can do it in an indirect way like what that guy did to me. Like complementing her hair if she did something new to it.. complimenting on her new shoes or dress.. this will show that you are actually paying attention to her to notice all of that. A compliment won't hurt... and it would definitely make anyone's day to be complimented. :D
    To know the level that she's interested it... you have to talk to her more and get to know her and if she really likes you in a romantic way, she might hint it in her conversation. Like for me.. I subtly asked him if he has a girlfriend by asking who he normally goes shopping with? Your mom? Your sister? Girlfriend? sometimes it would be even more indirect than that so you have to be alert.
    I do have to say maybe just be brave and man up. At the end of the day.. girls would definitely appreciate a guy who are open about their feelings and not hide behind a wall. Some girls have the mindset that a guy's should make the first move if he's interested. If he doesn't, then it says that he isn't looking for something more with us or is interested in someone else.

  • Hi! First of all, I'm not a native English speaker so please excuse my poor writing. I just want to express my opinion as a girl...
    1) You need to improve your self-confidence. First step, you have to work on your eye contact. Try to look into her eyes. Don't feel embarrassed. Stare at her for a few seconds and smile. She'll definitely notice something different from you, and that's good.
    2) Say nice things to her. Compliments like "you look really pretty today, as always" doesn't sound creepy at all, on the contrary, makes us feel good. We appreciate it.
    3) Find something you two have in common. That's important.
    It will take time. Don't rush it.
    My main advice to you is: Once you get to know her better, show her you want to be more than just a friend (flirt with her once in awhile, try to touch her arm or hand casually and see how she responds, pay attention to her attitude towards you, play it cool) otherwise she'd put you in the friendzone and I'm sure that's the place you least want to go. Sooner or later you'll know if she likes you.
    You seem to be a really nice, mature guy. she'll be lucky to have you. I hope everything goes well!

  • Well if I was her I would be eating for u to make the first move so u should just go for it n if she doesn't like u no big deal


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