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There's this girl in my University I like. At first we were very friendly, but she stopped sitting by me in class. She has given me signals that she liked me. What I don't get though is recently I sent her a friend request on Facebook and she declined it. But the next day in class she tries to make conversation with me, I even noticed this week too that she was making eye contact with me a lot of times, and smiled at me too. She was even copying my body language. She is very shy and very hard to approach, because she declined my friend request I don't know whether to bother or not. Also after class she lingers around me a lot and looks my way then looks downwards at the floor. Like I said we were friends at first but these days I feel like there's awkward tension between us and I have a gut feeling something is up. My female friend who's friends with her told me she was single too. Why is she suddenly smiling and making eye contact towards me after deleting the request? We are both shy too. I talked a few weeks ago, and she seemed really nervous around me, she was talking fine to me but stuttering all over the place. When. we used to talk often she would be super confident and laugh a lot around me, and ask questions. Like I said I haven't done anything to offend her. I just want to get back on talking terms again. A few of my friends have told me they don't like her because they find her unapproachable and miserable. However my other female friend says she's lovely but just super shy. Shall I talk to her again. She declined the friend request, yet she's smiling and making eye contact, whereas for a while before she would look at me and then look away. I actually don't care if we end up just being friends. It's better than the awkward tension between us.


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  • Are you sure she actually denied your Facebook request?

    • When I sent a friend request, I checked 30 minutes later, and only the message option was on there, you couldn't send another friend request, so she ignored it.