Did I mess up with this Christian girl?

Hey everyone, So I met this girl in college, we are both freshmen. We have hung out many times and we just had our 1st date. We wenter out on a walk and had a blast, she said she loved it. I had my arm around her and I was holding her hand. She told me prior to this that she did not want to kiss the 1st date and I respected that. So today I texted her asking if I had permission to kiss her when the moment felt right. She said she want to comfortable and I invited her to my room so we could talk. She explained that kissing is a big step for her because she has not been in many relationships and is a strong Christian. I apologized for the misunderstanding and we talked some about some non important stuff and we hugged when she had to go. We are going dancing on campus tomorrow night and are going ice skating and a movie on Valentine's day. We both have expressed interest in each other. So the question is did I screw up? She said I did not and do I still have a chance with her. And secondly when should I bring this up again?

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  • No you have not screwed up dude. You are fine, just do not screw it up by continuously asking if she is ready for the kiss. Let her become comfortable and either tell you she is ready or ask again later in the relationship