Does he like me like I like him?

There's this guy in my 7th period class he is really awesome but he doesn't know that I like him. He's always (flirting/playing around) with me my mom seems to think he likes me the other day I walked out of class and had no idea where he was so I glanced over and he seemed as if he was looking for someone he finally seen me and shouted a name "nickname" he calls me all the time. Anyways he was looking for me. And he's always calling me this "nickname" and always trying to start a conversation with me. Anything I say he has a response. Or He will take me phone and hide it or pull out my ponytail , and touch me everytime he passes me everyday everytime. We always joke/mess around but he's a outgoing person so I don't know if he's just playing around or if he likes me. Pretty much everyday He says wanna fight lets go and he will act like he wants to fight me but he's just kidding. But my problem is he has a girlfriend so if he does like me what do I do from here on?

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  • I didn't finish reading the full question and then i noticed you said he has a girlfriend when i hit that its hard to tell. I think he thinks of you as a friend, but there could be hope if they eventually split someday.

  • I've had guy friends who do that, and well at some point you think you like them. But, once they have a girlfriend it's a whole different story. You can wait until they break up (Don't MAKE them break up, though) and see where you and him head. He can just be messing with you just for fun like every other friend would. But seems to me, he's a little too playful and just might have something for you! (: