Should I continue to ask this girl out in my college class again? Or should I just cut my losses?

So there's this girl in my college class that I met two weeks ago when the semester started. It's a really small class (30 or so people). She sat down next to me, I said hey, we chatted til class started and I got her name at the end.

Next Class: Same routine but this time I told her to come with me to get some Jamba Juice. She was reluctant to go because she had to get ready for work after class but she agreed anyways and came with me, but not before talking to the professor. I waited while she talked to him and then we went to Jamba. Then afterwards I offered to walk her to her car, got her number and gave her a hug bye. I found her very interesting and sweet but I felt like getting to know her more.

Few days later, I text her and asked how her weekend was. She was at work but she texted back anyways cause it was a slow day. I asked if she wanted to get some food when she got off work later on that day but she said she couldn't cause she had to take care of a lot of things when she got off. Which I was cool with and just said maybe we could next weekend.

The next two classes (this week): Same routine. She sits next to me, we talk, we laugh but she stays to talk to the professor after class so I just say bye because I don't walk to come off as needy or anything or that I like her too much. I've tried texting her twice this week but she didn't reply. And it seems like talking to the professor after class is an everyday thing now with her. What should I do?

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  • It seems like it's very one sided and maybe you should put more balance to this relationship. I would stop texting her completely unless she initiates it and only talk to her during class. You can be fun and friendly then and also say you have stuff you gotta do at the end of class. That way it makes it look like your busy and she has to find time to see you rather than the other way around.

    I guess what I'm saying is to make her chase you. Women naturally feel more attracted to guys who they chase rather than being chased because it seems like she is the better one and this low level guy is trying to get me. Turn the tables around and you will have better success.