Need help with knowing what to do with this girl I really like?

So I met this girl last February we go to school together. At the time she had a boyfriend for about two years. she broke up with him around May of last year and I Just stuck around studying together. I waited until last month were I asked her out on a date around October. Her response was that she said yes, I'll go on a date with you but then proceeded by saying that she recently got out of a relationship and needed some time before starting another one. (What's that supposed to mean). So we had the date set but when I touched base with her the day before our date she bailed out saying that she had to celebrate her friends birthday (which I think was true). I told her we can just do it some other time and it was cool. We still spoke to each other and all after that but not as much as before as I felt things got a little different. We went on break and recently came back to school and the first week we didn't talk. She didn't approach me but kind of did at the same time ( like waving at me etc. ) but we are back now talking and everything is Mello but I'm not sure where to go from here. What should I do? I really feel like she's the one and I'm willing to stick around? Should I approach her again and how if yes. Thanks guys


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  • It means she wants to "recover" from her ex. Sometimes it could mean she wants a monogamous relationship, but not with you. Or it could mean she's still not over her ex. Or it could mean she wants to just stay single for a little while first.

    You could ask her if she's had enough time before starting another relationship or you could wait it out longer.

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