My mom wants me to get a girlfriend?

My mom actually wants one of her kids to have a baby and the oldest of us is turning 19, youngest 13

she doesn'r ask any of us but the oldest though she says she's ready to be a grandma
my moms 44

My moms ready for me to get a girlfriend so bad she always begs me to get one etc
but im so shy if i ever had to ask a girl to be my girlfriend or a girl just asked me... id probably just want to die.. right there.. just die.

i have a bad case of social anxiety.. im 16 by the way
and I've never.. had a girlfriend and i sort of don't want one becuase id want to die.
i do wosh i had one that no one knew about though.

The other day at the store my mom asked me to get out and go get her a couple of lottery tickets,
i said yeah then i saw 3 girls around my age walk into the store, i stuttered and told her i didn't want to go in.

she saw the whole thing happen and got mad
we waited abound 10 minutes for them to come out and leave then i went in

why does she want me to get one so bad


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  • I think thats good that you mom has such good support for you and you should be motivated to break that shyness barrier and talk to girls. Maybe just take it one step at a time and try making some girl friends first and then you will feel more comfortable talking to them and be better at asking them out.

    • my sister stays after school to help with the cheerleaders and i tried that actually staying after with her once and i was sooo uncomfortable.. the girls weren't shy they kept hugging me and i couldn't handle it and yeah my mom was like that with my sister.. but my sisters not shy so it was easy for her

    • Start thinking more positively. You got girls to be comfortable around you and hug you and stuff. That should make you feel really great. Just keep having exposure to girls and you will slowly get more used to it. But you have to want for that to happen. If you keep thinking negatively about it then it will never change.

    • i do.. my mom actually asked me if i was gay once because of me not wanting a girlfriend
      im literally the only one in my house whos never had a girlfriend or boyfriend
      my little brothers 13 and he's even had one.. at 12 I don't know if he's still with her

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  • I think she wants to try and help you overcome your shyness. She cares about you and knows that you're going to have to get over your shyness at some point if you ever want to get a girlfriend. So she's trying to get you out of your comfort zone.

    • Yeah everytime a female talks to me around her and i act shy and stutter she explains to them whats going on and i thought she would catch on..

  • If she only wants you to have kids so she can be a grandma that's really weird. Most 44 year old women aren't grandmas. I don't think most 44 year old women would WANT to be a grandma.

    Assuming you are being serious, Maybe she wants to help you overcome your shyness. Therapy would help more than pushing you into awkward situations.

    Coming from someone who has social anxiety, I feel you man there's no easy cure.

    Having a girlfriend might not be as bad as you think, but if you aren't ready, you aren't ready. Ultimately it is your decision.

    • Yeah she's ready to be a grandma because she wants a little baby to take care of and she only asks my big sister to have a baby not the younger ones
      and i think im more than ready.. physically.

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    • Just because she loves babies doesn't mean she should force her children to have more so she can care for them. Does she love babies and hate older children or something?

      I would ignore her.

    • she likes us just she would love to take care of our babies if we had them

      we have a baby cousin and she's literally over our house like every weekend