Why would he just disappear?

So I met a guy 3 months ago. We seemed to connect immediately, he chased me calling texting daily, went on dates regularly and the relationship seemed to be moving really fast when he asked me to be his girlfriend. He claimed he felt a connection with me like no other and that he wanted to have kids with me etc. Of course I was wary but even after sleeping together he continued to pursue me. We planned a spa weekend away and on the night due to him being late id had Afew too many glasses of wine and to my regret got abit drunk. I wasn't paralytic bit of course being drunk is never a good look. The next day he seemed off and irritated complaining about everything, he then told me off for being drunk, I apologised for spoiling the evening as I never get like that and he seemed fine. 3 days later I heard nothing, especially considering he called everyday I knew something was up, on the 4th day I called him and said that if he's not feeling it I understand and just to be honest instead of dropping me without telling me why. He insisted that he's still into me and has just had a busy week.. And that he would call me that night, he insisted that if he didn't like me he would just tell me. It's been a whole week now and I've heard nothing, I checked his online dating profile and he's been online so I know he's obviously looking else where. I've accepted that he's clearly over me but I can't understand why he can't be honest about it, I'm not the clingy type who will harass him so I don't get it? Why would he continue to say he's still wants to be with me if he knows that's not true. I know I messed up being drunk but I've never done that before. Why would he fake a whole relationship when I never even said I was looking for one in the first place? I need closure but I feel like I won't get it from him so guys from your perspective why do you think he can't be honest?


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  • It's something difficult for people to tell another off. They'd rather make it easy on themselves to just say nothing and act like everything is fine. It really seems like he just doesn't have the heart to be real with you and I have a feeling he is trying to keep his options open as well. The dating game is a tough one and that's why people date in the first place. To see if they gel together with another person. Likely he realized it just wasn't for him anymore and it doesn't mean there's something wrong with you. I too have had to face rejections and guys fading out. When you meet the right guy you'll be happy it never worked out.

    • Thank you I have this feeling too, I guess I would of appreciated his honesty rather than disappearing. It's strange because he was insistent that his feelings haven't changed and he would be real if he didn't want to be with me. He even text me after to say he would call that night, that's the confusing part, why give me false hope if you know your done! Thanks for responding really appreciate it

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