Is it naive of me to believe this guy wants more than just to hook up?

I'm 21, he's 25. We matched on tinder like 2 months ago, and have been talking since (through snapchat mostly). He works 2 jobs and I'm in school, so we were both very busy... This past week he asked me out twice but I was busy, and finally we agreed that Monday works for both of us. He lives like 50 miles away, but agreed to take me out to dinner at a restaurant where I live. Soo it's not like we could go back to his place afterwards if he had sex on the brain (& I live with my parents). It'll be a date, and no banging immediately after lol. I'm really hoping he's the real deal... I've had so many guys who are just in it for sex, and it's really kinda did a number on how I view guys and love in general... But I'm really hopeful this time... Is that stupid? Or could he be down for something real?


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  • Since it's tinder, yeah absolutely

    • Not all guys on tinder want to hook up. I had one guy take me out who was totally wanting something real.

    • True, but most guys have ulterior motive and may seem like they want a relationship, but only to earn your trust and whatnot and then use you in the end

    • Honest truth unfortunately

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  • Impossible to say at this point what he wants. You have to learn to live in the present. Enjoy the moment. You've got a date with a guy you like. Don't listen to other voices. He seems respectful enough and seems keen to actually hang out and get to know you which is always a plus.

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