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So I have been with one guy for 1 year. We have broken up. Since we broke up, we have been hanging out. I know he wants to come back because he says he loves me. But I don't think so. When we were hanging out, I could not understand some of his actions, sometimes he treated me badly, left because he had enough, then he wants to come back, he texted me weird things that were hurting me. Let's just say he hurt my feelings, and not once. He says I'm weird, that I get upset about little things, that he doesn't want to discuss at all. But through this I love him so much I would do everything for him and I don't need any other boys, when we are talking. So should I take a risk and be with him, change myself and don't get upset about little things, or leave him and move on, never look back?


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  • Move on and never look back. If he treated you badly and said things that hurt you then chances are that it will happen again.


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