I am doing online dating and my biggest secret is that I'm a practicing nudist?

Should I include this information in my profile? Bring it up on the first date? Or break it to her when things start to get serious?

Ladies what would you prefer?


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What Girls Said 2

  • I would want to know right away, before I even start talking to you (so in your profile) because then I wouldn't waste my time on you. I'm not interested in nudists or any other weird stuff.

  • I wouldn't care. I'm from Europe we go naked on the beach all the time lol... Nobody cares as long as you don't obviously take it to the extremes 😋

    • Unfortunately here in the US if a man is a nudist he must be a pervert

    • Yeah the US is very prude

What Guys Said 1

  • I'd wait a bit. I'm a nudist. Now I'm nude just at home, I don't go to the beaches and resorts anymore because of other obligations. But somewhere in the winnowing out process of dating, it should be discussed in the context of body acceptance. All the women I've gone on to have serious relationships with knew and accepted my nudism and most participated with me.

    • I was dating a girl and we were getting along pretty well and during one of our long talks she randomly mentioned she couldn't do the nudist thing now even though she did not shy away from nudity when she was younger... that was kind of a deal breaker for me and I broke up with her a few days later. I'm not really willing to give the lifestyle up. But now I am wondering if I brought it up earlier she might have accepted it?

    • No, but you could have brought it up after she said that and see what her reaction was. If you knew it was going to be a deal breaker, at that point, you had absolutely nothing to lose.

    • you live and learn and you are absolutely correct