I make female friends extremely easy. does this mean im desirable in dating also and I just need more confidence?

I know that girls enjoy my company and that I'm often invited to hang out with females. Does this mean that if I were more confident I'd easily meet someone and have a relationship? Or is it completely unrelated?


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  • Hahahaha
    I make male friends more easily.
    I hang out with a group of guys and we all super chill.
    Doesn't necessarily mean I'm relationship material.
    a lot of them see me as a "sister" or "another one of the guys."
    Maybe they see you as "another one of the girls?"
    Or they completely friend zoned you.
    You aren't the kind of guy that they would get nervous or butterflies around.
    You need to be more confident and much more pursuing.

  • It could be related or it might not. I have a gay guy friend we all love to hang out with...

  • I'm going to be frank: if women make friends with you easy, they don't see you as what one might call a "sexual threat."

    Women don't become friends with men easily because there is always the chance that they will want something more, and of course subsequently comes the fear of wanting to engage with them further or the friendship being ruined. Women having no issue being your friend seems more likely to suggest that they don't expect you to ever make a pass at them, or they don't suspect you're remotely romantically compatible.

    • I fully understand that. I'm just wondering whether or not traits that make me appealing as a friend is wanted in a relationship.

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