Should I just give up on dating and make more female friends?

It seems like girls just want friendship from me should I just embrace it?


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  • Yes but not give up on dating. Make friends with those female friends, and meet their female friends. Guys who have a lot of friends of mixed genders (many male friends, many female friends), usually don't do too bad.

    Last but not least, kind of check out what it is about your character that makes women compartmentalize you as a good friend, but not good in the desirable/attractiveness department.

    • A lot of it has to do with confidence with women. I like myself and who I am and won't change the core of who I am. I just feel like women don't find me appealing as a partner.

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    • You don't even have to change your looks or anything like that, just kind of carry yourself a different way, make slight adjustments to your character (a little teeny bit more self-centered, sounds bad I know, but it can help), things of this sort.

    • The idea of "just be yourself" is kind of a myth if you're a nice guy. You might get women applauding you, but not dating you. There's somewhat of an ego, or an illusion of one, you need to lure some women if you're in the nice guy category. If you carry yourself with an air of importance, like you deserve women, it sounds like an asshole approach, but it can really change things around (I was in the same boat before).

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  • Female friends give you tons of insight on how to date, do it. Ask them about how to get ladies.

    • Yup I'm starting to do this with my best friend, she's brutally honest too so she gives great advice.