Girls, she rejected me, but does she find me attractive?

In 2014 I met this wonderful girl at college. Judging from her body language it was obvious that she likes me (at least as a friend). She would usually touch my arm and shoulder while talking to me, and on two occasions she even touched/ stroked my cheeks. The first time we met she asked if I was single, and asked if I liked someone in our class. Another habit she had was sending me winks and giggling while she was talking to me. She even called me cute.

I invited her out, but I was rejected. Needless to say I was disappointed. I concluded that she found me attractive, but just didn't have romantic feelings for me (That's what she told me).

Then I found her profile on match. com, and according to this profil she wants a partner that is a least 178 cm (5 feet 10 inches). I am only 169 cm (5feet 7inches). According to her profile, i am also three years younger than her preference (I am 25, she wants 28).

Do you think this means that she never was sexually attracted to me?

  • She was sexually attracted, but rejected me for another reason (personality, age, something i did, etc)
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  • Her height requirements indicates that she was never sexually attracted
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  • I just don't know
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  • You asked this girl out two years ago and you're still obsessing over her? Wow. That is so not healthy.