The Predicament with my Professor!!😳 Please help me?

Anyways, hey guys (: where do I start😪

I have a serious crush on my professor. Okay this all started last summer (2015) in one of my university courses. And throughout the semester, I've really started to like him, so I thrived in his class. I know for a fact that I showed some signs of liking him, I'd stumble on my words/ and for heavens sake, forgot my words while talking to him, break our eye contact multiple times, etc. but then on the other hand, I feel like yeah, he showed a couple of signs as well. He always looked/ called on me. Especially when we were watching videos and it was dark in the classroom, he openly compliment me on the speeches I delivered. And he always watched me.

Perhaps this is all inside my head, aha. Hell this could just even be projection. But I felt that some of his actions felt odd. Good odd. Aha. Well anyways, I ended up passing his course with a high "A". Then the following semester I saw him a few times on campus and we always were too far to actually have conversations, but we did the kind nod. lol. But last week, I saw him on the stairs. He was going up ( seemed like he was rushing) and I was going down. Anyways, the minute I saw him, I was like hey professor *******, and he said hey, ***** and so then we just have the casual conversation of "how are you? I'm don't well? You?" And so on, so forth. Lol then I say bye and walk away, and so I open a door and when I happened to look back, I noticed him looking back at me. My question for you g@g is that is this all in my head? If not, what do I do? I really want to get to know him more. What do you guys suggest? Leave it, pursue it, WHAT?😭 Plus, I'm one of those shy girls. Ugh, please help. Thanks in Advance guys!! Oh, and by the way, I'm 19 and he's in his early 30's. We're both black (if that matters). Aha.


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  • Iam sorry but I feel it is in your head. It's not uncommon for young woman in school to have crushes on teachers. If they are true professionals then it is literally is more than their jobs are worth. Sorry.

    • Lol don't be sorry. I agree. Thanks for your input. ☺️

    • You welcome. I hope you find some of your own age who is deserving of your attention 😃

  • I am amazed questions like this don't get deleted now I know mine have been lately I am not on good terms with some moderators and they are out to get me.

    • Lol what? Why would questions like these get deleted?

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    • Well, 1) I'm not underage, so how is this illegal ( university and high school are completely different) and 2) what's so perverted on this post? I'm so confused.

    • Still teachers can't have relations with students I don't agree with this but the site does. That's the thing sometimes questions or opinions don't get deleted cause the moderators aren't doing a good job reporting these posts to the admins.

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