What should my next step be?

Thanks in advance for anyone reading this. Your advise is highly appreciated.

So there is this girl who is in my university class and we have been put together in a group project. I have met with the girl for about three times already to work on the project and in our last meeting we bonded a lot. She is really nice and she has been giving me signs (I think) such as biting her lips and playing with her hair. She mentioned her exboyfriend (which I think might be a way to indicate that she's single). She even suggested that we keep meeting on weekly basis and ended our meeting with a hug. While we're talking she mentioned that she's a freshman and that so far she she has made few friends and only likes three persons of whom she met (which are two other girls and me) and II really like the girl but I am not sure how exactly to ask her out or what should my next move be? Keep in mind that I am supposed to work with her on our project till April, so I am afraid of making things awkward for the rest of the semester.

I generally don't believe in the whole league thing but this girl is really out of anyone's league. She is easily one of the most beautiful and educated girls on campus. When we walk on campus, literally everyone turns and looks at her. Even a group of friends saw me walking with her from far away and started cheering out (which was honestly embarrassing). I am confident but I do know my down sides. I am short and a bit chubby, but I am passionate, positive, and unique. So it just makes me wonder if she really sees me anything more than a friend and a classmate.

Also if I ask her our, where should I take her? She enjoys clubs and partying but I am not really a club guy. I do go every once in a while but I am kind of awkward in clubs because I don't know how to act there. So should I take her to one of the best clubs in town? Or should I plan something else?


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  • It may be that she is just a very friendly person but there do seem to be a lot of positive signs. One obvious step is to take her up on continued meeting with her after the project is done. Come up with a plan of where you could go that would not seem too forward.

    As for asking out on a date, I recommend doing something that you would be comfortable with and that has personal meaning to you that you can share with her. Going to a club, especially as a first date seems like a bad idea in your case. An attractive girl would draw a lot of attention, plus there are too many distractions. Being so much out of your element you could not respond well to that. I appreciate that you want to accommodate her but surely there are ways to do that which you both would enjoy together.